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Most of us start a company because we believe in what we’re doing. We’re good at it. OK, we might not know much about marketing or strategic growth plans - but we know what we’re doing. Isn’t that enough? NO

All too often, company directors get swept up in the day-to-day minutiae of business management. Preoccupied with current pressing issues, they tend to miss the big picture: how the business is actually performing and where it’s headed. That’s where a business coach proves invaluable. To advise. To facilitate. To ensure that the business becomes all it can be, whilst allowing its founders to focus on what they’re really good at – and transforming them in the process into owners, rather than office managers or firefighters.

ActionCOACH is the world’s number one business coaching organisation for a good reason. It’s the best. It’s also the biggest. Operating out of 1000 offices in 59 countries worldwide, the company advises over 20,000 businesses per week. Combined with Engage and Grow – simple action-based programmes transforming disengaged employees into fully engaged leaders we can help deliver what you really want from your business.

Over the last few years the companies we have coached - from one-man bands to multi-million-pound operations – have:

• Transformed their marketing and sales strategies
• Significantly increased productivity
• Systemised and streamlined their operations
• Gained a fuller understanding of where they, and their companies, are headed
• Created fully engaged teams

As a result, every single one of these companies has increased its turnover from between 20 – 300%

Most small and medium-sized businesses fail to fulfil their true potential. Don’t let yours be one of them. Call our team on 01373 801 234 to arrange a complimentary Business Health check, request our employee engagement survey or book onto one of our events.

Give us a try. Whether your goal is to double your profits, streamline your operations, get your team engaged– or simply spend more time with your family – we can help.

What People are saying in Bath & South West

I’d give Pete nine out of ten – but only because
I don’t want to give him 10! He’s always positive – and he’s good! I’d definitely recommend him to other people. In fact, I already have.

Charles Whitbourn- Ability Engineering

Peter and ActionCOACH have really helped in moving our business forward after being stuck in a rut for many years. Turnover and conversion rates are up considerably after 12 months.

Robbie Lymer - Oakville Care Centre

Again, the 90 day planning day proved to be very constructive. Not only did we get an action plan for the next 90days formulated, but the day was invaluable in getting the team working together and stimulated in achieving our goals. Enjoyed the interaction with other businesses.

Frank Short, Great Elm Management

Strategic Business Coaching in Bath, Somerset, UK

Peter is a highly sought after business coach and public speaker. Through a long and successful career in the leisure travel Industry Peter has built a wealth of experience and knowledge in sales, marketing, training, team building and general management. Peter has direct experience training, building and managing teams. He’s run culture change projects and developed business recovery strategies.


He’s built successful businesses of his own from the ground up. Peter brings together his knowledge and experience alongside the incredible volume of information provided by the global ActionCOACH community and systems to offer his clients better results than they could hope for.



How can Peter Help your Business in Bath, Somerset, Dorset , Wiltshire?

Systems for generating consistent and improved cashflow

Measuring, testing and improving sales and marketing activity

Business Planning
Creating SMART stepping stone plans with clear objectives

Business Growth
Building a clear business structure to strengthen and grow business

Peter Rolliston- ActionCOACH