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How to Write a Topic Sentence for an Essay


How to Write a Topic Sentence for an Essay

A topic sentence is very essential when it comes to writing a successful essay. Usually, it is found at the beginning of each paragraph, although others prefer to include it in the end. Whichever part, you have to remember that it is one of the most important part of every paragraph in your paper. Thus, you need to know how to write a good one. Here are some tips from writemyessay that might help you:

Make an outline.

In any given paper, outlining your topic is always the best way to start. Every paragraph should be able to present some point either related to or in contrast with your thesis statement.

Use your research skills.

You may research for examples about your chosen topic on the internet. There are a lot of websites who provide samples on how to write one with the same subject.

Make it clear and concise.

When you start writing your topic sentences for each argument, include your topic and opinion about it. You may also want to address a controlling idea.  Your topic sentence must direct your readers to where your paper is going.

Set the general and specific ideas.

Balance between the general and specific ideas is the key to achieve a well-written topic sentence. Don’t be too broad, yet also too narrow. Keep the balance enough to introduce, not to explain it fully.

Make it interesting and exciting.

You need to capture your reader’s attention. There are a lot of ways to actually do this. You can try bringing a question into their minds to cognitively engage them. You can also describe a character (fictional or non-fictional), use a quote or a dialogue from a film, or describe an emotion. Just make sure that they are relevant to your topic.

Keep it simple.

Truth is, most readers do not like reading complex sentences. Thus, make yours readable. Don’t try to put everything in one sentence. You are writing not for you, but for other people. You have to consider the readability of your essay.

Always remember that the construction of topic sentences is very important. It will indicate whether your thesis has a point or none. Hence, it is equally important to know how to create one. Follow the guidelines above and you’ll surely have an easy time constructing successful topic sentences.

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