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The 3 Secrets to Writing Blogs


Okay so I have been writing and reading blogs for a while now… and what have I found… some get read… some don’t…  Which got me to thinking well why not? adult-2242164_640

After extensive analysis (in my own head) I distilled my findings into 3 amazingly simple things…

  1. The headline needs to get my attention, if it doesn’t, unless I am referred to the article, I never get as far as reading the content.
  2. If there is too much ‘pre-waffle’ before the content, I tend to skim through to grab the main points (and possibly miss them).
  3. It is the take-away value that counts. Namely, when I have finished reading what have I gained?  Whether it is the start of an idea, a challenge to my beliefs, a deliberate action or something else doesn’t matter.  What makes it a good use of my time and an article to refer is simply that it adds value.

To that end, I will endeavour to create great headlines, cut the waffle… well most of it… and give value to every reader.

Peter Rolliston- ActionCOACH