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Dare to Dream


Ever have those days when you just put your feet up and do nothing ? As an employee this could be an option, but as a Business Owner, there is the guilt factor – you have to show your commitment … Continue reading

Stop Competing on Price


Stop Competing on Price The most common complaint I hear when talking to owners of small to medium sized businesses is that, “we can’t compete with the big guys on price.” The perception in the market place is that people … Continue reading

Achieving Business Success


It doesn’t matter who you are or what your position is at work, we’re all subject to a constant flow of potential distractions while we’re working.  Some may be short, and some we seemingly wake up from and ask, “Where … Continue reading

Turn That Ship Around


The Changing Face of Leadership…           For years I have read, been taught, been lead, been mentored and instructed on the ways that managers and leaders can inspire and generate followers… but are things changing??? There are many ideas and directions … Continue reading

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