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Coaching Programmes

Coaching programmes vary immensely and Peter will always tailor his coaching to the business and people he works with. The core programmes Peter offers are:

Alignment Coaching Session:

A single session to align personal and business objectives. This practical 4 hour session is taken outside of the normal business environment and will help the business owner gain clarity over personal objectives and to align the future business vision. From this the initial business activity and plans can be drawn to move the business forwards.

Price: From £995+VAT

6 Steps Workshops

Covering the core steps to developing an effective business you will leave this session with some clear actions to implement into your business – this is a perfect foundation session for ActionCLUB.

Price: £50+VAT (subsidised by Wessex Chambers)

6 Steps Seminars

Covering the core elements within an effective business. This seminar is a general reminder of best practice and you will gain an understanding of some of the elements Peter works with businesses to make them more productive and predictable in the market place.

Price: FREE – please register on the events page


A fantastic progressive programme run in 8 sessions over 20 weeks. ActionCLUB is a blend of education and implementation tailored to your business to afford you the practical implementation of the core elements of a successful business. This programme is designed to help businesses implement the right steps to move up a level.

Price: £1700+VAT (applicable to Growth Accelerator funding – call for details)


Quarterly planning. This is a full networking, education and planning day each quarter. Join other businesses to learn (or be reminded) of some of the generalised principals and then create your SMART goals moving forward for the next 90 days. Great opportunity to spend time focused ON your business and to create the short term steps to move forwards.

Price: From £300+VAT per quarter (if you are interested please call for details of our trial offer)

One-2-One Coaching

Regular sessions to maximise your progress for your business. Programmes take either 1 hour per week or 1 hour per fortnight and require commitment to agreed actions and strategies to move your business forwards. If your business is ready to leap forward then this is the fastest way to achieve results.

Price: £995-£2495+VAT per month

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