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Goal Setting


Setting targets or goals is commonplace in business, but is in fact just as important in personal life. Self-help books and the like continually stress the need for different goals, be they short-term, long-term or lifetime, however, they don’t often help the problem, which is that some people aren’t very good at setting goals and keeping them.

That often results in people not bothering to set goals, due to a fear of failure, but on deeper reflection, there are many reasons why we don’t always achieve what we set out to do. It has a lot to do with the goals we set, a classic example being New Year’s resolutions. Somebody claims that they are going to lose a certain amount of weight in January, and because the calendar has changed they expect to change their diet, suddenly begin exercising and cut down on socialising. This is an all too common problem and is like expecting an 18-month-old to run a marathon.

The key to achieving goals is to build in natural and steady growth along the way. Having a clear idea of the end result is a start, however mapping out the route to getting there is a far more important step, not just for logic’s sake, but also to ensure the goal seems achievable in your own mind.

An example of a realistic journey towards an end goal could be shown as follows:


My goal is to maintain a healthy body.



I can be fit to do the things I enjoy.

I can be an example to my children in health management.

I can build my personal character strength.


Good Nutrition. I will increase my intake of fresh fruits and vegetables and decrease my intake of sugar, fats, salt and red meat.

Physical. I will exercise aerobically 3 times a week for 30-minute periods.

Focus. I will be aware of my body and look out for any health problems.

Focusing on the smaller, short-term goals and achieving success will give you the confidence to set other goals. So remember to keep goals realistic, and take small steps to achieving success.

Peter Rolliston- ActionCOACH