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Local Businesses Triumph at International Awards


  • White Horse Surveyors (Chippenham) and Frometech (Frome) receive highest accolades at the Business Excellence Forum for Europe and North Africa. Copy of _D1_2892
  • Lavish awards ceremony on April 22 attended by the great and the good.
  • Out of seven hundred competing companies, Frometech is a finalist for the ‘Best Community Impact’ award. White Horse wins ‘Fastest Growing Business’ outright.
  • Another Frome-based company, Actioncoach, earns special praise for leading both businesses into periods of superlative growth.

The Business Excellence Forum for Europe and North Africa is an annual event enabling small/medium sized businesses to celebrate their successes and learn from one another.

Keynote speakers addressing this year’s awards ceremony at Celtic Manor (home of the Welsh Open) included billionaire Sir Terry Matthews, British Athletics Federation Director Frank Dick, bestselling author Allan Pease and Australian entrepreneur Brad Sugars.

Over the course of a year in which business media coverage has focused almost entirely on austerity, three local companies were singled out as having excelled.

  • Frometech: a computer-servicing business established in 2014 by 33 year-old Jamie Seviour was recognized for its ongoing mission to offer free IT training for elderly and less-abled members of the community. Jamie was named a finalist for the ‘Best Community Impact’ award.
  • White Horse Surveyors: as a result of Chris Freeman’s Chippenham-based company doubling its turnover in twelve months, White Horse scooped the coveted ‘Fastest Growing Business’ award.
  • Peter Rolliston of Actioncoach was praised by all attendees for helping both companies to buck the economic trend, prospering whilst others went under.  Copy of _D1_2893

Peter Rolliston- ActionCOACH