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Pete 2Peter Rolliston – Action Coach

Peter Rolliston is an inspired business coach with the ability to enable small and medium-sized businesses to become more effective and prosper.

Working with ActionCOACH

After spending time working in the corporate world, running several businesses, Peter found his true calling with ActionCOACH, where he learned  how to really start getting to the heart of business:

“Our intention is to create a community of  businesses that support and encourage each other.  The corporate world can be an intimidating, predatory and competitive place so it’s been wonderful to discover so many business owners who actually want to unite and learn from each other, whilst helping each other to succeed.”

says Peter.

Peter’s Approach

Peter will take you through a process to develop a coaching programme tailored to your business needs. In this way coaching flexes to accommodate different businesses and different owners recognising that you and your business is unique. But that does not answer the question, so here are 4 areas where Peter will work with you to help your success.

1. Gaining Control – Peter will help you to look at your vision for your business, secure a clear understanding of where your business currently is (finances / KPI’s / time utilisation) and your delivery.

2. Develop Your Chassis – Identifying USP’s and guarantees to use within your business to move away from price competition whist developing strategies to maximise profit through the business. Focusing on developing business and utilising that which you have already.

3. Leverage – looking at areas where the business can be systemised and where input can be given to yield results over the long term with less future input.

4. Team – Working with you Peter will help you to create your business vision, mission and culture statements, create clear organisational procedures and structure, establish an effective recruitment programme, team alignment and productivity.

Getting results

Peter has an irrepressible enthusiasm for your success.

Results show an increased turnover of up to 300% forhis clients along with transformed marketing and sales strategies, streamlined operations and increased effectiveness.  Beyond this Peter really gets you to shape the business to work for you.


Engage and Grow!


Joanne Rolliston – Engage and Grow!

Joanne Rolliston is an inspired motivational leader who takes pride in bringing out the best in people, by creating a happy and thriving work-place.

Through the cultivation of engagement and inspiring employees to truly embrace the values and goals of the company, Joanne enables businesses to increase their effectiveness, productivity and prosper.

“My mission is to create an engaged team through support, honesty, respect, common sense and fun so people love what they do. ”

says Joanne.

Joanne’s Approach

Doing well and succeeding requires motivation and a shared vision.

Joanne works on improving communication amongst team-members with an initial 12 week programme designed to inspire, energise and empower your workforce to achieve the company’s unique goals and milestones.

Joanne can also help with staff turnover, increased accountability and the removal of unhealthy stress, whilst ensuring everyone is confident in their role and aware of their part to play in the company’s success.

Getting Results

Joanne’s HR background in managing large multiple teams overseas has equipped her with the tools to really help get your teams engaged.

Want to find out more about how each tailored programme can turn teams around in 12 weeks then call her on 01373 801234 or request an employee engagement survey.

Ok… What Next …

At ActionCOACH we define a successful business as: a commercial, profitable enterprise that works without you.

So the first step will be to see how far along the road you are and to make sure that coaching with us is right for you and your business. To arrange a complimentary business assessment, contact Peter’s Office on 01373 801234 or e-mail to

Please Note – If you’re serious about growing your business, Our complimentary business assessments are FREE to you. If at the end of the assessment you and Peter both agree Action Business Coaching will benefit you and your business, only then will you be invited to choose which programme investment will suit you best.

Peter Rolliston- ActionCOACH