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Short one today but the message is no less important.

Some sales are easy, straight in the sales pipeline and straight through. In reality though, it’s not all like that (in many cases, that’s not how we want it), and that isn’t a bad thing. You shouldn’t be angry when the sale isn’t  straightforward and fast, nor should you expect it to be.

I came across an article on which discussed ‘relationship marketing’ – whilst I don’t call it by the same name, the foundations are the same; and are crucial. You don’t need to sell to a lead the first time you speak to them, or the second. By building a relationship when it comes to decision time, who are they going to go to? If you’ve done your job well, it’s you!

The fact is with many business types, the straight sale didn’t work in the first place or is now on it’s way out.

Check the article out: Article here

Peter Rolliston- ActionCOACH