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How to Write a Film Analysis Essay


How to Write a Film Analysis Essay

Essays analysing films should be easy. It is as if you are just describing a movie.  Some people, however, find it hard to make one. This is probably because of the common mistakes that they commit when they start to write. To make it easier for you, here are some guidelines you should follow:

Before Writing

Watch the movie over and over again.

Some people think that watching a movie once is enough to make a film analysis. I guarantee you, it is not. The recommended number of times to watch a movie before starting an analysis is three times. However, you can watch it as many times as you want if that’s how it will help you. It’s a little difficult to capture the intention of the storyline if you will only watch is once.

Take down notes while watching.

The first watch is usually for a deep appreciation of the entire movie. On your second watch, make sure to do the note-taking. This is crucial since it will help you condense your thoughts and observations into one.

When Writing

Formulate a thesis.

Just like any other essay, your film analysis shall have a thesis statement. This is important so that your readers will know what you think about the film.

Provide a background information.

Not all people who will read your analysis have already watched the movie. So to introduce, provide a brief information about it. It doesn’t have to be so long. Just a little history on how it was created, or a brief summary of the plot will do.

Use direct quotations

Using direct quotations or dialogues from the characters in the movie could significantly add a little extra to your paper. More so, they can support your thesis arguments.

Avoid subjective analysis.

Keep it smooth and objective, especially if you don’t like it. Your personal opinions are important since it is an essay, but don’t make it harsh.

After Writing

When you’re done writing, all you have to do is check your whole piece by rereading it, and revising if needed.

If you follow these guidelines, you will definitely find it easier to write a film analysis. After all, watching films is an exciting activity to do. Writing an analysis about it shouldn’t be too difficult.


Peter Rolliston- ActionCOACH